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General Electrician

Our staff is so competent that they can handle any and all electrical work that you need done around your home. If it happens to be a fixture installation, wiring in the home, or a fuse box upgrade, pros at ARIJETS Electric can more than handle it. Even when your appliances burn out, chances are we can make it right. Learn More

Attic Fan Installation

If you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills, an attic fan is the way to go. ARIJETS Electric staff can easily and professionally install one the helps blow out warm air in the summertime, and keep cool air out during the winter. The unit will usually pay for itself within a few years. Learn More


If your home is over forty years old, chances are you’ll need to have the wiring in your home at least looked at. Most homes over fifty years old require rewiring in the home just to ensure that a fire hazard is not present. It may seem like a needless expense to some, but many fire departments strongly encourage having your wiring looked at. Learn More


Robert S.  

I was so impressed with the quality of work they did in my home. It was like a dream come true. My circuit breakers were all messed up, now they look brand new and work better than ever. Thanks, ARIJETS Electric.

Paul R.  

I was so worried about the washing machine. It just wouldn’t start no matter what I tried to do! Now it’s running like a charm, thanks to these guys. I’ll call them again if I need electrical work done.

Tyler J.  

You can never be too careful when it comes to electrical work. I’ve been shocked too many times to mess with that stuff anymore. That’s why I call in the professionals at ARIJETS Electric. They get the job done right the first time.